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Best  Architectural design in Patna

Zee Interiors inside planners offers 2D and 3Dengineering structure administrations to clients. The details of customers are heard by top architects and engineers to provide high fulfillment services. Also, there are many other architectural services in Patna such as Di architects, CSC Architect services, Aparna architect and engicons Pvt ltd, etc. that carry out design consultancy and design and project management consultancy services across Bihar.

Architectures in Patna

Patna is a commercial centre and there is an important project along river Ganges to develop a world city. The tallest buildings in Patna are atleast 144 ft. based on standard measurement for height. Biscomaun Bhavan is the tallest one. Nalanda, Golghar, Agam Kuan, Old Opium warehouse, Mahabodhi temple, Vishwa Shanti Stupa are some of the oldest architectural buildings in Patna which are good for architects and designers for studying.

  • Zee interior has a team of professionals that include architects, landscape architects, engineers, interior designers, surveyors, civil engineers that co-ordinate with each other to deliver quality services to the clients. Architectural design in Patna and elsewhere offered by architects in modern day are:-
  • Schematic design: - pre-designs are discussed with clients after planning by an architect. Design ideas are provided to the clients, which are later developed into schematic design after getting clients' feedback. This helps in getting an idea as to how the building will be designed. This acts as a surety as well as an informative discussion on the part of the clients who are given every detailed about the project – new inputs or ideas, cost, time, and opportunities, etc. by an architect. This is an important step before beginning the project.
  • Design development: - Once the client finalizes the scheme, the next is developing plans and elevations. Here a rough sketch of the building is prepared which gives an idea to the client and contractor as to how a building will look like, its projected cost, quality, and size is known at this stage.
  • Construction documents: - At this stage materials are selected, finalized to decide on the quality of the building. Civil, structural, mechanical engineers come into the picture at this stage as an architect has to coordinate with each one of them. Construction documents are legal proofs of what contractor will build
  • Bidding: - once contract documents are signed it becomes a project. Before that negotiation is done by the architect on behalf of the client or owner with the contractor. In certain cases, architects also advise clients to select contractors.
  • Contract administration: - the architect acts as a contract administrator or supervisor by visiting the sites to check whether the drawing and specification are in order, construction is as per contract and are meeting the standards.
  • Occupancy certificate: - this is a progress of the contract which is provided by an architect at stages to keep clients informed and looks after payments made to the contractors. He has to be present until the project is completed.

There are many additional architecture services offered such as full time representing sites, interior designers, programmers, feasibility studies, project management, etc.