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Modular kitchen is that term which is used as the modern kitchen furniture design and consist cabinets made up of diversified materials that can hold accessories inside and can facilitate the use of space in a kitchen. The units which that are kept on the floor are called “floor cabinets” or “floor units” on which kitchen worktop made of marble, tile, granite or wood has been laid to create space for the activities in the kitchen. Zee interior helps to décor your kitchen with a modern technique. Its designer normally designs the space by using the modules of customized/ standardized sizes.

The units of Modular Kitchen generally held on the wall for storage purpose which are termed as “wall cabinets” or “wall units”. In small kitchen like in apartment a tall storage units are available for the storage space.

Modular kitchen generally comprises wooden cabinets, internal accessories, and electro eomestic gadgets such as hob, chimney, and sink without or with drain board, built in oven and in some cases a dishwasher, refrigerator or other gadgets.

How Zee Interior Helps You?

At zee interior you will get one stop solution to all of the Modular kitchen requirements. We create Modular Kitchen by using high quality waterproof Plywood or MDF. A huge quantity of decorative shields is available to give modern touch. Our designing abilities make the possibilities for our clients to acquire maximum storage space in Kitchen area with no wastage of space.